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Payment of Fees

The school’s collection booth will collect Tuition Fees. Admission fees, Bus fees and Annual fees on working days between 09:00 am to 01.00 pm from London Grace International School.

FEES: Playgroup – Class X

Payment Rules of Tuition & Other Fees:

  1. All tuition fees should be paid within the 7 (Seventh) day of the current month. If the seventh day falls on a scheduled holiday such as a weekly or Public Holiday then the fee should be paid before the 7th day of the current month.
  2. If payment is made by cheque then the fee must be paid by the 5th as the Bank will automatically post the cheque on the 7th.
  3.  The Fine for late payment is as follows:
    a) Fee paid within the calendar month but after 7th 100/-
    b) Fee paid in the next calendar month Tk. 200/-
    c) Bank charge of dishonored cheque- Tk. 300/-

If 2 (Two) months tuition fees fall due then fee for both months must be paid together before the end of the month. After two months non-payment of fees, the student’s name will be struck off the register. Re-admission depends on the availability of seats.

Please note that the rules for late or non-payment will be enforced very strictly.

  1. No Progress Report or Transfer Certificate will be given unless the student has cleared all dues.
  2. Parents are requested to call the school if they have any queries regarding these matters. They may call collections-in-Charge at 7912276 for any further clarification or contact by email.

Other Points To Be Noted:

  1. Parents are requested to contact Administration or Section Heads at least 30 days prior to the last date of fee payment if they are facing any difficulties.
  2. The school reserves the right to revise / amend the Fee Policy at its discretion.

Please note that monthly fees will be inclusive of VAT. However School fees and charges will be liable for VAT & other govt. charges