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School Policies & Rules

School Prerogatives


The school reserves the right to change any rules or regulations that have been stated here or issued at a later date with the authorization of management.

Please also note that the school reserves the right to ask a student to leave due to any of the following reasons:

  1. If there is any change of factual information after the student has been given admission.
  2. If the terms and conditions as given in this Handbook are not followed by the parent, guardian or the student.
  3. If the student, parent or guardian engages in any activity that is deemed by the school authorities to be anti-social, unethical or adversely affects the principle, image and good name of the institution.
  4. The school reserves the right to change the fee structure as and when necessary upon giving notice in advance.

Parents are requested to disregard the previous version of the Students-Parents Handbook whenever they receive the latest version for the current session.



  1. Students attending school late on three consecutive days will be marked absent for one day.
  2. School gates will be closed 20 minutes after the school has started and students arriving after that time may not be allowed to enter and will be marked absent for that day.
  3. If a student is absent due to ill health, a letter from the parents or guardian must be entered in the Diary on the first day the student attends after the absence. The number of days absent and the reason for the absence must be entered in the appropriate page in the Diary.



Prior permission must be taken from the Principal if the student is absent from school for reasons other than ill health.

  1. Any tests/exams missed during such absences cannot be taken unless specific permission has been obtained from the office in advance. The student may lose those marks from the total if permission is not taken in advance.
  2. Students with less than 75% attendance will not be issued a Graduation Certificate or Certificate of Achievement.
  3. Students should be collected from school by an authorized person only.
  4. Students will not be allowed to go home with friends or other persons unless written permission has been sent from their parents. Messages on the telephone will not be accepted for this purpose.
  5. Once students arrive at school, they are expected to remain in the school premises for the entire school day.
  6. All students leaving school during school hours must have written approval from the Head of Section.
  7. Students who leave campus without permission are liable for punishment
  8. Students may be detained after school to complete unfinished work or as punishment for any infringement of school rules.
  9. The school is not responsible for any personal item belonging to students which is lost or stolen from the school premises.
  10. Articles left on campus will be picked up and kept with the school office for three (3) weeks. After this time, lost and found items will be donated to charity.
  11. A standard replacement charge will have to be paid if any school property, book or science instrument is lost or damaged by a student.



  1. Parents are requested to contact the Director, Administration or Section Heads at least 30 days prior to last date of fee payment if they are facing any difficulties.
  2. The school reserves the right to revise/amend the Fee Policy at management discretion.



The school follows a firm policy against inflicting physical punishment to discipline students. The school advocates counseling, reasoning, understanding and guidance to develop constructive attitudes and habits to counter disciplinary problems. The students are expected to adopt the following ideologies on their part to promote an orderly and disciplined atmosphere in school.



  1. Respect moral and social norms of Bangladeshi society.
  2. Respect the rights and property of others.
  3. Act considerately towards others.
  4. Tell the truth and keep promises.
  5. Maintain and use school property correctly.
  6. Maintain discipline at all times
  7. Observe the school Code of Conduct.



  1. Lying, cheating and deception.
  2. Dishonesty, hypocrisy and irresponsibility.
  3. Violence and anti-social behaviour such as bullying and fighting.
  4. Consumption of illegal substances and other behaviour deemed inappropriate by school authorities.



  • Every year, Prefects and Monitors are appointed to assist in the enforcement of School discipline. Students are expected to co-operate with them and support them in maintaining school rules.
  • Students should display appropriate behaviour in the classrooms, labs, art rooms and all areas within school premises. We expect all students to make an appropriate effort in the classroom, in completing homework assignments, in sitting for tests and examinations and in performing up to their highest level of ability.


Banned items within school premises:

  • Mobile phones
  • Cameras
  • Cassettes
  • Entertainment CDs or DVDs
  • Entertainment magazines
  • Posters
  • Large amounts of money without approval of parents or management.
  • Medicines i.e. even pain killers like Paracetamol. In case of any extraordinary medical situation, the concerned Academic Office should be informed by the parent.

Students are discouraged from wearing or bringing expensive items such as watches, fancy stationary or anything else, which may highlight disparities in socio-economic conditions.

Expressible Forbidden items and actions.

  1. Use of tobacco or illegal drug and consumption of alcoholic beverages while at school or at a school sponsored activity is strictly prohibited. The school maintains a zero tolerance policy on illegal drug use, on or off campus. In order to work towards a drug-free society, we need active cooperation from parents; therefore, any kind of drug usage or consumption of banned substances will lead to definite expulsion.
  2. Any allegation against a student of any unethical actions-such as demanding money, intentionally damaging school property, intimidating fellow students inside or outside school etc. will be treated with the strictest disciplinary measures.
  3. Inappropriate physical contact is forbidden. Fighting, hitting one another or ganging up to intimidate and threaten anyone else is never permitted and will be treated seriously.
  4. Since this is a co-educational school, boys and girls are expected to have a cordial and friendly relationship and treat each other with respect. They are not expected to engage in any improper behaviour. Decency, formality and decorum are an essential requirement in the relationship between boys and girls
  5. Students should refrain from bringing any object that might cause bodily harm or injury to fellow students. Accordingly, carrying, bringing, using or possessing a dangerous object in school building, on the school grounds, in any school vehicle, or at any school sponsored activity is prohibited. Any item that is used to harm others will be considered dangerous and may be confiscated.



  1. The school has a “Zero tolerance Policy” regarding all the aspects of behaviour and conduct as mentioned above.
  2.  This may include not merely disciplinary action such as extra work, detention, ban on use of the cafeteria etc. but also suspension, withdrawal or expulsion of any student from the school at any time during the course of the year.
  3.  Each case will be considered on an individual basis and the consequences will depend on the gravity of the offence, the threat to or involvement of other students and any past history of misconduct.
  4. The school reserves the right to be the sole authority in all breaches of discipline and to take such action in the case of infringement of school Rules as may be judged necessary at our absolute discretion.



A Discipline Committee has been set up to monitor and ensure discipline within the campus. The committee consists of senior management personnel, supervisors and faculty members.

The objective of the committee is:

  1. To prevent disciplinary problems before they occur.
  2. To determine appropriate actions for disciplinary problems.
  3. To ensure a just verdict based on solid evidence resulting from a thorough investigation of the case.
  4. To ensure that all decisions taken are fair and appropriate.

Our Concerns For The Safety & Security Of The Students

The welfare and wellbeing of the students start with ensuring a safe and secure environment. Therefore, the school is committed to provide safety and security to the students, for which security measures are continuously upgraded. The following measures are taken to enforce day to day safety and security within school premises.

  1. A group of trained and experienced individuals have been engaged to ensure round the clock security in each campus.
  2. Use of ID cards by all employees and students.
  3. Visitors/guests are confirmed through prior appointment/consent of management.
  4. Parents and guests are not allowed inside the class rooms to meet the teachers. Please make an appointment with the office to meet the teachers.
  5. Only parents/guardian/authorized persons are allowed to pick up the students.
  6. The school building and rooms are kept under lock and key after school hours.
  7. All school buses/transports are checked and searched before the students’ board.
  8. Close circuit cameras are in operation to ensure safety and security.