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Withdrawal Procedure

School Leaving Policy

  1. The students name may be cancelled from the enrollment list if any of the rules and regulations of the school are violated.
  2. The school will process the School Leaving Form (SLF) automatically under the following circumstances:
    i). Disciplinary mattersb.
    ii). Long absence from school
    iii).Failure to contact parents
    iv). Non payment of fees.
  3. No Progress Report or Transfer Certificate will be given unless the student has cleared all dues.
  4. If parents cannot be contacted, SLF will be processed on the basis of last updated information (in written form) as provided by the Parents i.e. last updated address, Contact Numbers etc.
  5. After cancellation of enrollment, the student will need to go through the re-admission process and admission will depend on the availability of seats.

Enrollment Cancellation Policy Pg-Class X

  1. A student’s name will be cancelled from the enrollment list for any of the following cases:
    i). If 2 (two) consecutive months’ tuition fall due or
    ii). If one month’s tuition falls due for 2 (two) consecutive months.
  2. Monthly tuition along with fines for both months must be paid together before the end of the last month to avoid cancellation.