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Admission Procedure

We serve Bangladeshi families who value a good education. We welcome those who appreciate well-rounded educational opportunities that go beyond just academics. The members of our community place importance on good character, moral and social development as well as excellent academics.

Download application forms:

Download Application Form for Admission (Preschool to Class II)
Download Application Form for Admission (Class III to Class X)

Admission is offered those who want to receive a balanced and well-rounded education using English as the primary medium of instruction but placing equal emphasis on Bangla.

It is compulsory for all students to take Bangla up to O’ Level. Students who have lived abroad and do not have a good foundation in Bangla can take “Special Bangla” in small groups which is an accelerated program designed to help those students come up to the required level.

Eligibility for Admission

The admission procedure starts as follows:

  • Playgroup: Starts in September for the next academic session.
  • Nursery – Class X: Starts in January for the next academic session.
  • A’ Level: Starts in June for the next academic session.

For the A’ Level, admission is only offered if students meet minimum academic requirements. Seats are very limited so students are advised to apply early.

Playgroup And Pre School Admission Process

We take students into Playgroup at age 3+, so parents are advised to apply when the child is 2+ years old. Application Form in order to consider admissions for next academic year. Forms are available at the Front Office from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at a cost of Tk.500/-.

Nursery To Class-X Admission Process

Application Forms are given out from the front office if there are any vacancies. The Admission Test is offered on the basis of vacancies. Other successful candidates are put on a Waiting List for admission and are notified as and when vacancies arise.


Once the application form is submitted it will be assessed in a pre-selection process. If selected, then the student and parents will be called for the admission test and/or interview.

After processing the application, admission is offered or regretted, or candidates are placed on the waiting list if there are no vacancies.

Since a large number of applications are received every month, and the office has to go through several steps to process the applications, the Admissions Office can take some time to respond to applicants. Usually, all the procedures are completed within two weeks after receiving the application but we request for your patience in case it takes longer.

Written exams are taken for admission in Nursery and the higher classes in three core subjects – English, Maths and Bangla. However, Bangla is exempted during admission test for foreign students and for Bangladeshi students who have studied in abroad.

For O’ Level, students may also be tested in other subjects. For admission in A’ Level, students may take only those subjects which they already completed at the O’ Level and obtained at least Grade ‘C’. However, they must obtain a Grade ‘B’ or above in English Language.


The admission process in LGIS is very transparent. No external agents/agencies are appointed or involved in the admissions process; the admission office is the only point of contact for all admissions related applications and inquiries.

Absolutely no donations are accepted, only published fees are required. If anyone asks for unpublished amount, please contact the Chairman or the Managing Director directly or All information will be dealt with confidentiality.

During the admission process, interviews are held by a panel of senior management, not a single individual. The interview panel is a team of qualified individuals from LGIS’s senior management. No single management person has a role in the admissions process except those in the admissions office and on the interview and selection panel.

All decisions for admission are made through a committee, not by anyone individual.

School Visits

If parents want to visit the school they can contact the Admissions Office so that a visit can be arranged. Our campus visits will entail a walk-through the campus and a brief meeting with the management of the campus. It will not be possible for candidates or potential applicants to observe classes. However, our management will be happy to answer questions about our academic program.

Please visit our Campus Tour page for more information.