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O’ Level

The requirement of the Cambridge University “O” Level syllabus is the standard which has to be reached by the end of Class IX, therefore the school curriculum is designed to achieve that target over a period of thirteen years i.e. from Playgroup which is the entry level class to Class IX, upon completion of which students sit for the O Level exam.

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In order to provide a well rounded and complete secondary school education, a wide range of subjects are taught up to class VIII. These include apart from English and Bengali Language and Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Commerce, Accounting, Art, Computer Studies and Islamiat which is compulsory up to Class VII. The co curricular program includes drama, music, dance, handwork, debate etc.

A great deal of emphasis is also placed on sports and our students are given the opportunity to play games as a part of the regular curriculum.

Creativity and individual initiative are qualities that we seek to enhance in our students therefore we constantly emphasize understanding and comprehension as prime requirement for successful education. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions, to ask questions and to express their opinion in an orderly manner avoiding shouting and any other kind of behavior which disturbs other students.