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Co-Curricular Activites

London Grace has earned a reputation for its emphasis on all kinds of extracurricular activities. Some of the other activities pursued by students under the guidance and supervision of teachers include field trips, visits to exhibitions and museums, celebration of important national and historical events, and cultural programs. Participation in Community Service Programs, fund raising for natural disaster relief and campaigns to enhance awareness of health and environmental issues are also a vital part of school activities.  

Several social events are planned for each session during the year, namely dramas, fair, art competition, and class parties. These take place in campus and it is mandatory for all students to attend and participate in the events.

Its emphasis on all kinds of co-curricular activities such as:

  1. Theatrical presentations in both English and Bangla
  2. Art Competitions
  3. Annual cultural functions
  4. Field trips
  5. Visits to exhibitions and museums
  6. Celebration of important national and historical events.
  7. Fund-raising for natural disaster relief
  8. Community Service.

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Parents are requested to support and encourage students to participate in all such events. Parents should take note of all requirements before signing consent slips for participation in such events.

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