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Academics Services & Supports

We are proud of our two custom-built campuses. These venues allow us to provide safe and comfortable environments for learning, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure that rivals schools at a global level. Each campus has been carefully designed and provides numerous facilities for our faculty and students, including:

  • Spacious and comfortable, air-conditioned classrooms
  • An indoor multipurpose hall, used for events, performances and sports
  • Outdoor hard-courts that host sports tournaments throughout the year
  • Fully equipped labs for biology, chemistry, physics and computer studies
  • Library and teacher resource center
  • Cafeteria and fully-operational canteen services
  • Fully stocked bookshop and fee collection booth
  • Our campus in Mirpur, more recently built, also houses a swimming pool!


All of LGIS’s campuses have outdoor space for sports. In the Senior Section Uttara and Mirpur campuses, there are outdoor hard courts on which students can play basketball, volleyball, handball and football. The two STM Halls in the two campuses are also used for sports during PE class and after-school.

The Mirpur campus has an outdoor swimming pool which is available to older students from any campus to learn how to swim (as a beginner) and to practice swimming as well. Students are taught various strokes and are given opportunities to improve their fitness. A qualified swimming instructor is in charge of conducting all swimming classes.

In addition, students in some campuses are able to access a nearby field for their physical education activities.

Labs and Libraries


Every campus has a school library from which students may borrow books or conduct research.
There are DVD players and televisions in all the sections and emphasis is placed on providing audiovisual opportunities for students to reinforce academic knowledge.

Computer Lab

The computer labs in the Senior Section Uttara and Mirpur campuses are used for practical classes of Computer Studies. Students in Class V are given an introduction to computers, and Class IX and X students are guided for the preparation of their O’ and A’ Level Computing coursework. The lab is designed to ensure continuous monitoring of students’ work, while the computers are well-equipped to meet course requirements up to A’ Levels.

Science Lab

The science labs in the Senior Section Uttara and Mirpur campuses are designed according to international standards to provide our students with practical knowledge in conducting science experiments. The labs contain modern equipment for students who are preparing for their Chemistry, Physics and Biology O’ and A’ Level courses.

Multipurpose Hall

LGIS’s has two multipurpose halls located in the Senior Section Uttara and Mirpur campuses. With a spacious lobby and full air-conditioning, these halls cater to the various requirements of the school for holding exams, events, sports and theatrical productions.

LGIS is the first private English-medium school in Bangladesh to provide facilities for the British Council, Dhaka to hold the CIE O’ and A’ Level examinations in its own premises. The examinations are held in STM Hall of the Senior Campus in Uttara and Mirpur in May and June every year. All arrangements are made by the British Council to ensure proper invigilation, monitoring and supervision; our students are able to take this important test in the safe and secure surroundings of their own campus.


The cafeteria in the Mirpur and Senior Uttara campuses cater to the needs of students, faculty members and management. The facility offers wholesome and hygienically prepared snacks and lunch items. The cafeteria is a brightly lit, open area with comfortable seating arrangements where students can relax during their breaks. A menu is chalked out every month incorporating a range of items to provide variety.


Parents can purchase school textbooks, stationery items and art supplies from the bookshops in Scholastica. The bookshops are located at the following campuses – Junior Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Junior Gulshan and Senior Section Uttara.

The timings are as follows:

  • Working days (Sunday to Thursday): 08:00 am to 03:00 pm
  • Saturday (all Saturdays till 10th of each month): 09:00 am to 02:00 pm
  • Friday: closed

Our Concerns For The Safety & Security Of The Students

this-area-is-under-cctv-surveillance-140The welfare and wellbeing of the students start with ensuring a safe and secure environment. Therefore, the school is committed to provide safety and security to the students, for which security measures are continuously upgraded.
The following measures are taken to enforce day to day safety and security within school premises.

  1. A group of trained and experienced individuals have been engaged to ensure round the clock security in each campus.
  2. Use of ID cards by all employees and students.
  3. Visitors/guests are confirmed through prior appointment/consent of management.
  4. Parents and guests are not allowed inside the class rooms to meet the teachers. Please make an appointment with the office to meet the teachers.
  5. Only parents/guardian/authorized persons are allowed to pick up the students.
  6. The school building and rooms are kept under lock and key after school hours.
  7. All school buses/transports are checked and searched before the students’ board.
  8. Close circuit cameras are in operation to ensure safety and security.


school-bus-stop-clip-art-yellow-schoolbus-childlike-drawing-4389671(1)The following guidelines are important for all students while travelling in a school bus. Students failing to follow these guidelines will lose their right to use the services. Students should:

  • Respect other students (all the rules of behaviour that apply on school premises also apply on the transport.
  • Cooperate with the driver and duty teacher at all times
  • Remain seated when the transportation is in motion.
  • Enter and leave in an orderly manner and only when the transport has come to a complete stop.
  • Keep themselves and their possessions on their side of the transport.
  • Form and wait in a line for getting in and out of the transport.
  • Not tamper with the transport or throw objects from it.
  • Not eat or drink while on the transport.
  • No liability is accepted for any loss and damage, whatsoever, caused to any passenger during the course of transit.