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The school has a comprehensive curriculum for all classes leading to the London University Ordinary Level General Certificate of Education Course which is taught in Classes IX and X. for English medium and a most effective syllabus from play group leading to S.S.C under Bangladesh National Curriculum for the English Version Students.

It offers a complete primary, elementary, secondary and high school programme leading to these examinations which are conducted by the British Council, Dhaka. The curriculum of London Grace Int. School has been designed to reflect the specific needs of Bangladeshi students keeping in mind their heritage, culture and national identity.


London Grace Int. School has earned a very good reputation for its emphasis on all kinds of co-curricular activities such as:

  1. Theatrical presentations in both English and Bangla
  2. Art Competitions
  3. Annual cultural functions
  4. Field trips
  5. Visits to exhibitions and museums
  6. Celebration of important national and historical events.
  7. Fund-raising for natural disaster relief
  8. Community Service.

Parents are requested to support and encourage students to participate in all such events. Parents should take note of all requirements before signing consent slips for participation in such events.


Need based and remedial teaching in the core subjects-Mathematics, English and Bangla are additional education services provided by the school to give specialized help to students to reinforce the learning in the regular classes. The academic programme in London Grace Int. School is carefully designed, based on detailed and comprehensive curriculum. The work that is designed for students is carefully planned to ensure that all students are able to achieve the required standards if they complete all their assigned work on time. It is, therefore, not considered necessary for any student to be given extra classes outside the school by private tutors or institutions. The practice of seeking help beyond school hours, except through the structured and carefully-designed remedial classes we offer, can disrupt the impact of our teaching methods and philosophies. Sending students to tuition providers outside the school can be very tiring and cause them to become dependent on external assistance; therefore, this practice is strongly discouraged by London Grace Int. School.

Remedial classes are offered free-of-charge to all those students who need the extra assistance.


There is no formal examination for Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten. Learning at this level is more closely linked to the developmental process physical, emotional, social and intellectual; therefore Kindergarten students are assessed on the following areas-

  1. The acquisition of cognitive skills and understanding of concepts.
  2. The adaptation of desirable and helpful attitudes and values.

Core subjects for Class I to X are English, Bangla and Mathematics.These are compulsory subjects.

  1. Students of Class I to IV are required to attain minimum 60% pass marks in the core subjects.
  2. Students of Class V to X are required to attain minimum 50% pass mark in compulsory subjects. Students scoring less than the minimum as an aggregate for the year may not be promoted to the next class.
  3. Students repeating a class for the second time will be unable to continue in the school.

Letters of appreciation are issued to students who demonstrate exemplary academic feats and students can earn awards which encourage positive attitudes, such as:

  1. Enthusiasm for learning
  2. Participation in academic and co-curricular activities
  3. Helpful, courteous and polite behaviour

Other certificates are given for:

  1. Academic Achievements and Talent
  2. Sports
  3. Achievements in cultural events.


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