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Philosophy & Goals


The school believes to mould its learners in the way that enables them to undertake higher studies at home or abroad. It goals to create individuals with high moral and intellectuals within through ten years of education. It values the development of the whole person by means of a well balanced and complete school curriculum.

It toils over its students to bring out the dormant excellence in them, train them to become lifelong learners, in the process they come to know of their culture and heritage.

There is no end of excellence, and the school looks forward to further development; which is only possible by the commitment between Teachers and Parents, with the mutual respect, ongoing exchanges of information, agreement in goals and strategies as well as sharing rights and responsibilities.


Mafruda Khan Erin envisions a school that provides with challenging opportunities in a culture where respect and an authentic enthusiasm for learning, exist, one where all strive to be responsible, a schools that builds up motivated citizens of strong character, one that embraces a strong partnership with our diverse communities and one that promotes a passionate commitment to discipline and self restraint.

London Grace International School is dedicated to:

  • Develop the whole person by means of a well-balanced and comprehensive school curriculum.
  • Promote a strongly rooted knowledge of and involvement with national heritage, culture and language.
  • Develop students’ intellectual skills to the highest possible level.
  • Train individual students to become lifelong learners.
  • Be a centre of excellence in teaching and education development in Bangladesh.

London Grace students come from different socio-economic situations within Bangladesh and from other parts of the world and each has unique background.

London Grace’s Aim is –

  • To develop discipline as well as healthy self-esteem in our students. To promote opportunities for success in the areas of their strengths and to overcome challenges by setting goals.
  • To develop strong study habits and implant the desire to become accomplished human being.
  • To develop students to meet global challenges.
  • To develop awareness amongst students about their responsibilities towards community needs.
  • To encourage students to develop positive attitudes and to learn with trust, confidence, curiosity, responsibility and independence.
  • To focus on each student as a unique individual and to address their needs.
  • To encourage development of every aspect of a student by considering all facts of child development.
  • We encourage our children to develop their special talents and reach for their full potential.
  • To become inquisitive and independent learners and to develop the self-discipline necessary to complete every task and make responsible decisions.
  • To be well prepared to show a commitment to life-long learning.


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