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London Grace International School, founded in 1996, was a bold step on her part i.e. the Chairperson Mafruda Khan Erin. It is very natural that the pioneer spirits wait for the moments to come when the dream is materialized. The school began with a handful of students and teachers while in the passing of years they reached the door steps of O’ Level Examination.

London Grace aims to provide quality education as it is the ever-growing demand of thickly populated Dhaka.  It offers preschool to A Level courses of an international standard; using English as the medium of instruction but emphasizing equal proficiency in bangle as a prerequisite for Bangladeshi students. The students remain to the core of any educational institute and it is so with London Grace; yet we know that parents are the integral part of us, without their good will and sincere effort it was never possible for the institute to flourish. We cordially welcome the opinion of our honorable parent-family and are willing to work jointly to promote opportunities for success.


The school believes to mould its learners in the way that enables them to undertake higher studies at home or abroad.

It goals to create individuals with high moral and intellectuals within through ten years of education. It values the development of the whole person by means of a well balanced and complete school curriculum.

It toils over its students to bring out the dormant excellence in them, train them to become lifelong learners, in the process they come to know of their culture and heritage.

There is no end of excellence, and the school looks forward to further development; which is only possible by the commitment between Teachers and Parents, with the mutual respect, ongoing exchanges of information, agreement in goals and strategies as well as sharing rights and responsibilities.


Mafruda Khan Erin envisions a school that provides with challenging opportunities in a culture where respect and an authentic enthusiasm for learning, exist, one where all strive to be responsible, a schools that builds up motivated citizens of strong character, one that embraces a strong partnership with our diverse communities and one that promotes a passionate commitment to discipline and self restraint.


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