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20 years of success and celebrating a thousand moments of glory

London Grace International School embarked its journey of harvesting knowledge 20 years before from now. In the last 20 years LGIs witnessed its students reach the zenith of success and stood strong like a pillar in their achievements. It was a moment of pride to see the current students and the ex LGIsers join their hands in prayer for their school in the Milad Mahfil arranged reckoning  its 20th anniversary. The young learners took paper and pens to jot down their memories and feelings about the school and presented it to the school only to remind us what a beautiful journey it has so far been. It is truly inspiring to see the young ones who enter the school toddling, grow up to be responsible learners and citizens of the country who harbor abundant love for their school in their hearts. The last two decades had been a journey of glory.

O and A level results:

There can not be anything sweeter than success; which knocked the doors of our candidates this time as well. Our O and A level candidates performed brilliantly in their international board examinations and were awarded with the highest grades in the majority of the subjects. We congratulate them on their brilliant results and wish them all the very best in life. The achievers are an inspiration for the upcoming candidates as well. Congratulations!


Children open up their world of imagination with colours. It was inspiring to watch the young ones with paints and brushes sprinkling colours on their worlds of imagination in the art competition. The children participated in full zest and zeal.


Students of London Grace International School demonstrated their expertise in counting in the Maths Competition held this year. Their effort and jovial spirit is indeed appreciable.


The curious minds promptly participated in the Quiz Competition and skillfully answered the questions reflecting their general knowledge.

Career day

In presence of our parents the young toddlers presented themselves in colourful attires representing their future career aspiration.

World Children’s Day

In the occasion of World Children Day the students made speeches and celebrated the day with some children’s songs in the morning assembly. Students from grade two to nine brought homemade food to school and arranged to sell the food. The collected money was then given to destitute children as charity.

Under the Winter Canopy of LGIS

The parents of the Junior section got a treat this winter as the young toddlers twisted and twirled to rhythmic melodies under the winter canopy of LGIS.

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